Hestra Leather Fall Line Glove Unisex

By Hestra


Fall Line 5 Finger is a warm ski glove for freeriding and snowboarding. This shorter model features a neoprene cuff that fits smoothly under the shell jacket's sleeve. Made of impregnated cowhide using outseams that provide comfort and a tighter pole grip. It includes a removable synthetic liner that is easy to dry and wash, as well as foam insulation for extra warmth and stability. Technical details contribute to a practical functionality on the mountain. A wrist strap, for example, reduces the chance of dropping a glove when answering the phone. And an included carabiner allows you to secure the gloves on your jacket or backpack when not in use. Perfect for those who prefer off-piste just as much as on-piste and who aren't afraid of a little hike.

    • Warm ski glove for freeride / skiing and snowboarding.
    • Impregnated cowhide protects against wind and weather.
    • Outseams provide better grip and feel.
    • Removeable liner made of soft and durable fleece (Bemberg).
    • Foam insulation provides extra warmth and stability.
    • Elastic at wrist.
    • Neoprene cuff with Velcro fastener adjustment.
    • Wrist strap / handcuffs included.
    • Carabiner secures glove to clothing or backpack.
    • Can be combined with other liners.