Odlo Active Warm Eco Kids Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top

By Odlo


The ACTIVE WARM ECO KIDS Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top will keep your kids warm and comfortable on any action-packed winter adventure. With its advanced thermoregulation and soft feel, this multifunctional baselayer provides optimal insulation while allowing for a full range of movement. ODLO’s innovative ZeroScent tech gives superb antibacterial odour resistance and the soft stitching and fleecy brushed interior of the ACTIVE WARM range provide maximum comfort and a very soft hand feel, guaranteeing outstanding long-wear comfort – great for cold-weather adventures when you don’t want the fun to end. Let the adventure last all winter with the ACTIVE WARM ECO KIDS Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top from ODLO. 

  • Keeps You Warm
  • Enhanced Moisture Management
  • Soft Touch
  • Versatile
  • Recycled
  • 159229

Size 92 - 2 years

Size 104 - 4 years

Size 116 - 6 years

Size 128 - 8 years

Size 140 - 10 years

Size 152 - 12 years

Size 164 - 14 years