POC Fovea Mid Clarity Goggles



A smaller goggle with maximal vertical and peripheral vision – ideal for junior skiers or adults with smaller faces.

The Fovea Mid ski goggle is designed for a better fit on smaller adult faces. Based on the classic POC Fovea goggle, the frame is shorter in height compared to the Fovea, giving a better fit for smaller faces. The goggle's wide frame and toric lens give an excellent field of view, with no interruptions to your peripheral vision.

A soft-coated PU frame and triple-layer foam conforms to the face and remains flexible in even the coldest temperatures, meaning this ski and snowboard goggle is suitable for use throughout the coldest months of winter. Padding around the nose is optimised for a better fit on people with a lower nose bridge.

Specially placed ventilation slots in the lens minimize steaming and support crisp and clear vision at all times. Clarity lenses filter specific peaks in the color spectrum, giving clear vision that makes it easier to read the snow and see every detail on the slopes, so you can avoid potential hazards and stay safe.

A soft goggle pouch that can also be used as a cleaning cloth is included with purchase.


  • Scaled for smaller head sizes
  • Clarity by POC lens technology
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Malleable frame