POC Fovea Mid Goggles with Clarity Photochromic Lens



Trusted for its exceptional comfort and field of view, the Fovea Mid is scaled for smaller faces. Now, the addition of a photochromic lens ensures optimal vision across a broader range of light conditions.

Combining a large field of view with Clarity Photochromic lens technology and a toric lens shape, the Fovea Mid Photochromic goggles give absolute trust in vision in all conditions. The malleable frame is scaled for smaller faces, and the addition of triple-layer face foam gives a comfortable and secure fit on any face shape, as well as comfort and flexibility in even the coldest conditions. The Clarity Photochromic lens gives optimum vision across a broader range of light conditions. The lens features a molecular coating which darkens when exposed to sunlight ensuring you have the best vision all day long, even when conditions change.


Photochromic lens:

A molecular coating on the lens surface is activated by the sun's UV rays, darkening from a Cat. 1 (VLT 55%) to a Cat. 3 (VLT 13%) in brighter conditions

UV Protection:

The goggles give protection from harmful UV rays with a wavelength up to 380nanometers.

Anti-scratch treatment:

An anti-scratch treatment on the outer lens reduces the risk of surface damage for clearer vision.

Hydrophobic lens coatings:

Hydrophobic lens coatings protect from water and sweat.

Toric Lens Shape:

The Toric lens shape minimizes distortion to give optimum vision.

Triple-layer face foam:

Multiple layers of foam ensure a soft and comfortable fit, perfectly molding to the contours of your face.

Silicone grippers:

Silicone grippers on the inside of the strap help keep the goggles secure against a helmet.